As taxes continue to make New Jersey unlivable for so many, we are reminded how important it is to have strong representative in Trenton that will stand up for the taxpayer. New Jersey continues to rank among the highest taxed states in the country, and it shows - in 2018 New Jersey had the highest outbound moves out of any state. Let's elect a Senator that will fight for our middle class and bring business back to NJ.



Coming from a family of service-members, few things take greater priority for me than improving the quality of veteran's care in New Jersey. After completing 2 tours in Iraq, I returned to a country ill-equipped to care for our nation's heroes. It's time we elect a Senator that will fight to ensure our veterans get the care they deserve when they return home. 


Let's work together to build a better education system in New Jersey. The PARCC exam is holding our students back while non-PARCC states continue to make sizable improvements over NJ. It's time that we elect a Senator who will fight for the education reform we need to provide our students with a best-in-class education.


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