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New Jersey has always been known for our high taxes. It affects our spending, property value, and many other aspects of our lives. In many cases affecting our middle class. I will me fighting for middle class tax deductions and lowering property taxes. I will also be voicing my opinion on the tax breaks on our class of wealthy Americans and corporations. We need this money to help with infrastructure and relieve college debt. I will always be fighting for a better New Jersey.

Education must be improved at all age groups. Not all young children are given the opportunity to attend an preliminary preschool program. I will fight to establish full day pre-K programs that will be accessible for all children at a high quality. Our educators do vital work for our young generations. I will also be working to raise salary’s for our teachers so we can continue retain stellar performance.

Our veterans spend year after year risking their lives for our country so we can live a comfortable lifestyle. When they decide to retire, they sometimes don’t receive the care that they deserve. I will be working to build packages that are beneficial to both the individual and the family. Benefits that will help with their career, healthcare, and finances. Working with veterans is a passion of mine as my father was in the Navy for 22 years.

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